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this is ebb.


functional dissolvables for the sustainability-minded consumer.


A nanoemulsion of premium cannabis extracts, dissolvable in the beverage, meal, or recipe of your choice.

The tiny particles that power ebb. maximize  our extracts' availability to your body and support a rapid onset to your experience.

Absolute, refined, and pure–

welcome to the future of cannabis.

Pink Lemonade-Current View.jpg

pink lemonade

Real science meets real fruit. Our proprietary extraction process yields microscopic particles of cannabis extracts that we blend with real lemon, antioxidants, and all-natural flavors to bring you true refreshment and relaxation.


Delicious in water, a game changer in smoothies, just mix it in and mix it up.

orange mango

Enhanced with 1,000mg of vitamin C in each packet, orange mango is here to provide you immunity support when you need it, and a good time when you want it.

Made from real oranges and with zero artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. This is that wholesome pick-me-up vibe that you just need sometimes, and you deserve everyday.



With electrolytes added to help you refuel and rehydrate, wildberry was made for all of our doers out there.


Whether you just got back from the gym, are fresh off the mountain, or just woke up after too much fun the night before, this is that little something you are looking for.

Rapid relief and all-natural ingredients help you take on anything. Show us how you flow.

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