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5 Fun Ways to Upcycle Your ebb Packaging

Get creative with ebb’s reusable cannabis packaging

Over the past 50 years or so, as a society we’ve developed better habits when it comes to being “green.” But we’re still grappling with a tremendous environmental problem: too much waste. Between disposable Keurig and vape pods, bottles and other single-use containers, we’re filling landfills with mountains of plastic. Cannabis plays a role too, alas.

For an industry that has always fancied itself as a sustainable, natural and environmentally friendly one, strict packaging regulations and high demand have increased the amount of cannabis waste being generated every year.

It’s estimated that more than 1 billion cannabis products are sold annually in the United States. Unfortunately, that means tons of plastic waste from disposable vape pens, joint tubes, flower canisters, containers for edibles and more.

That’s why the new dissolvable THC drinkable ebb has packaging that’s 100% biodegradable and specially designed so it can be reused in countless ways. Created by Platinum Brands, the makers of TasteBudz gummies, ebb is an all-natural, vegan and non-GMO THC powder, so it’s only right that ebb’s packaging follows suit. This means no more throwing away your ebb package or packets after one-time uses.

It’s time to upcycle for the good of our planet. Here are five fun ideas for ebb’s reusable cannabis packaging to get you started:

Go, Go Cannabis “Goody Bag”

ebb comes in a hand-sized cylindrical case that easily locks uptight. Press the button on the side of the container to slide off the top. Inside the other half, you can throw your loose buds, rolling papers, lighter and (of course) an ebb packet or two that are ready to be mixed in your favorite drink. Headed for a backyard hang session or a little outdoor fun? Just grab your new ebb “goody bag” and get going.

Art Supply Holder

Whether you’re feeling inspired from the perfect 10mg dose of ebb’s fast-acting THC powder or just need a place to hold your colored pencils and paint brushes, ebb’s cylindrical, pastel-colored package makes for a cute art supply holder that fits right in on any desk. It’s also handy for messy environments like a workshop or kitchen. From a greasy wrench while you’re fixing your bike to a dirty taster spoon or two, ebb containers make a great spot to hold things for a while.

Compost Kickstarter

ebb packets are made of 100 percent biodegradable paper fiber and can become the perfect soil amendment. Simply take some scissors and cut up your used ebb packets into small pieces that can help to gradually feed the diverse ecosystem of outdoor soil. From that backyard cannabis grow to your favorite garden veggies, you can turn ebb into an easy compostable soil supporter, anytime.

Seedling Pods

During every growing season, from cannabis to tomatoes, you need to sprout the seed. One of the best ways to do this is in a small, easy-to-use container. With ebb’s compost kickstarter in mind, you can add your seedling and some boosted soil to one of ebb’s containers. With some water and ample light, you’ll soon have sprouts, and are setting yourself up for some amazing yields.

Vlogger Sidekick

Every YouTube vlogger or Tik Tok star needs a bit of production help, and that’s where some well-placed ebb containers can help. Use them to organize pens and highlighters, charger cords, makeup brushes, eyelash extensions, lip glosses and more. At any recording session, at any desk, these containers are handy on-the-go sidekicks for your starpower.

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