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Dissolvable THC and the New Wave of Fast-Acting, Wellness-Forward Cannabis Edibles

Updated: May 27, 2021

Understatement of the decade: it’s been a stressful time, huh? Luckily for all of us (especially those of us in the growing number of states with adult-use cannabis legalization), a multitude of plant therapies exist to enhance our health and wellness routines.

For consumers who love cannabis but don’t love the idea of smoking flower or vaping concentrates, a new wave of wellness-forward edibles is here to help. We’re particular fans of dissolvable THC, especially when it’s low-sugar, gluten-free and packed with functional ingredients. And the right brand of dissolvable THC can be fast-acting too, offering more control over a consumption experience and proper dosing.

With all the choices for dissolvable THC, it’s important to know what to look for to support your wellness routine—read on for more.

How Functional Ingredients Work

If you’ve spent a hot minute on Instagram or consumed any amount of popular culture over the past few years, you’ve likely run into references to “functional ingredients” or “functional medicine.” But what does that actually mean?

Put simply, functional ingredients are foods and compounds added to consumables and other products that are intended to produce a positive effect on the consumer.

Common functional ingredients include plant products like turmeric and elderberry for immune system support, certain types of mushrooms for cognitive boosts, and ashwagandha for its calming properties. Vitamins and electrolytes are also common and highly beneficial functional ingredients.

When you’re searching for a dissolvable THC product that fits your lifestyle, check out options that include some of these functional ingredients. Vitamin C is a known immune system supporter, and electrolytes can help aid in muscle recovery (and hangover recovery).

The Science of Fast-Acting THC

There are a couple of different ways to eat your THC. Edibles infused with cannabis oil work by being absorbed through the digestive system. The liver metabolizes the edible’s active ingredients, which are then released to the bloodstream and eventually reach the brain (at which point the effects become apparent). That’s why these types of edibles can take a while to kick in—and why folks sometimes consume more than they really need as they wait for those effects to happen.

ebb dissolvable THC products are faster acting than traditional edibles. Why? Because we use nano-encapsulation technology to transform THC into a powdered, dissolvable form with increased bioavailability, meaning it’s quick for the body to absorb and doesn’t rely on the digestive system to metabolize it.

That means fast-acting effects and more predictable, consistent experiences that you don’t have to wait hours for.

Dissolvable THC Is Built for Your Lifestyle

Taking ebb individual packets on the go makes adding some plant-based excitement to outdoor activities a breeze, whatever the season. But beyond the convenient packaging, dissolvable THC like ebb is low-sugar, vegan and gluten-free, meaning it’s got a place in any meal to match your wellness routine.

With several flavors to choose from (and also a flavorless option), incorporating ebb dissolvable THC directly into foods is simple. Of the many pandemic-related food and dietary trends, home cooking has been a big one—and folks are still enjoying their kitchen time, crafting in-house happy hours and date nights at far greater rates than years past. What better way to enhance your time at home or that backyard hang than adding a little flavorless, dissolvable THC into your side of guac, or mixing up a flavorful alcohol-free, cannabis cocktail?

And with many Americans still in WFH mode or dealing with the pandemic’s effects, relaxation can be hard to come by. But with an emerging focus on mental health as part of a holistic health routine, some individuals are turning away from alcohol and toward plant-based therapies like cannabis to help ease stress and promote relaxation—without risking a hangover or significantly increasing their caloric intake.

No matter your wellness routine, dissolvable THC can definitely play a role. With so many options on the market, you’re sure to find the right product for your lifestyle and wellness goals.

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