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Fast-Acting Cannabis Edibles Start with Nanoemulsion Technology

Learn How ebb’s Nanoemulsion Technology Makes Ebb the Perfect On-The-Go THC Dissolvable

Finding enjoyment in life shouldn’t take a lot of time. We don’t walk in slow motion to find a comfy seat on the couch. Grabbing a snack beforehand takes only seconds, as does pulling up that hot new streaming series. So why should getting an elevated lift from an edible take so long?

With ebb, it doesn’t have to. This awesomely effective dissolvable THC powder uses nanoemulsion technology to deliver a precise dose of fast-acting THC in minutes, instead of hours.

How Is ebb Different From Other Cannabis Products?

ebb is redefining the idea of edibles by emulsifying premium cannabis oil into a water-soluble powder that can be mixed with any food or drink. What’s even better is that ebb’s three flavor varieties and Pure unflavored option are all low-sugar, gluten-free and 100% vegan.

Because our bodies are all unique, consuming cannabis has different effects for everyone, and the type of consumption also plays a big role in how quickly effects happen.

Generally though, smoking or vaping cannabis can take upwards of 10 minutes after passing from the lungs to the bloodstream, then the brain. Dabbing a high-potency concentrate is the lightspeed version of smoking, with nearly instantaneous effects. Traditional edibles, meanwhile, have a delayed onset due to first passing through the liver before entering the bloodstream and can take anywhere from 30-90 minutes after ingestion to kick in, reaching a peak after 2-3 hours.

Fast-Acting THC, Created With Nanoemulsion Technology

The reason why most ordinary edibles take so long to take effect is due to a variety of factors, ranging from body weight to metabolism to digestion of other foods. On an empty stomach, edibles can be processed faster, but when the body has to break down a meal, edibles are just going along for the ride.

So much waiting and anticipation can result in a common mistake: consuming too much and having a bad time. But there’s a better way. With ebb’s nanoemulsion technology, the THC is absorbed by the body much faster—with effects in about 15 minutes—which means no more guesstimates based on a slow onset.

Nanoemulsion is essentially an advanced delivery system developed for pharmaceutical ingredients that allows for improved distribution in the body. With ebb, the cannabis extract is converted into super-tiny droplets of THC that are then crystalized (encapsulated) in a water-soluble form.

This means ebb can be much more easily absorbed into the body, resulting in effects as fast as 15 minutes that are far more consistent. Each packet of ebb has exactly 10mg of THC, so doses can be measured with precision and the effects are reliable.

Don’t Forget the Functional Ingredients

It’s clear that fast-acting edibles are a very special thing, but ebb doesn’t just stop with speedy effects. There are additional benefits from functional ingredients.

In the past several decades, functional ingredients have become very popular within the food industry. These ingredients include extracts, minerals, probiotics and antioxidants that can help support various systems in the body and also boost energy, improve cognitive function, promote calm and more.

Orange Mango ebb is chock full of vitamin C for an immunity boost and Wildberry is fortified with electrolytes for rehydrating post-activity recovery. So along with an illuminating lift, these functional ingredients help the body reinvigorate and replenish.

The Joys of Fast-Acting THC for Any Occasion

Functional ingredients allow ebb to be a means of both recreational enjoyment and self-care. The best way to integrate ebb into your wellness routine all comes down to meeting specific needs, including:

  • Alternatives to smoking flower / concentrates

  • Cold season protection

  • Post-workout recovery

  • Hot weather hydration

  • Pain and stress relief

Whatever the occasion, thanks to nanoemulsion technology, ebb is ready to work fast to meet the on-the-go lifestyle of active edible lovers, everywhere.

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