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Functional Edibles 101: How Does Vitamin C Help with Immunity?

Everyday wellness is easy with ebb Dissolvable THC Powder enhanced with Vitamin C

Keeping our bodies healthy by staying active is one thing, but what if we could have some extra protection against the harmful stuff of the world, like the common cold or bacterial invaders? The good news is we can, and it’s as simple as deciding the next meal. 

If we nourish our bodies with functional foods and functional ingredients, that goes a long way in maintaining a strong line of defense against germs. One stand-out functional ingredient well known for its immunity-boosting abilities is vitamin C. With a proper daily allotment, the body has a better chance of fighting off ailments ranging from infections and fatigue to cancer.

While vitamin C is found in a wide variety of foods like oranges, hot peppers and strawberries, it’s also easy to make it part of your daily cannabis self-care routine with low-calorie ebb Dissolvable THC Powder

What Exactly Is ebb Dissolvable THC?

ebb is a new style of drinkable THC from Platinum Brands, maker of TasteBudz strain-specific gummies. Using nanoemulsion technology for fast-acting effects, ebb is redefining what an edible can be by incorporating tiny droplets of premium cannabis oil into a water-soluble powder that can be added to just about anything, from iced drinks to entrees. 

This on-the-go dissolvable in biodegradable packaging comes in three delicious fruit flavors along with a flavorless Pure version, and is totally low-sugar, vegan and gluten-free. Each packet delivers a precise 10mg dose of delicious euphoria that can actually be good for you too. 

What Makes ebb the Perfect Functional Edible?

ebb was made with the active edible-lover in mind, so it doesn’t skimp on the THC or the functional ingredients

Wildberry ebb is loaded with electrolytes for extra hydration during exercise and for post-workout recovery. Meanwhile, Orange Mango ebb is packed with 1,000mg vitamin C for a protective boost whenever you need it. It’s there for you before a long plane ride in recycled air or a full yoga class, and fending off germs during the school season and long days at the office.

How Does Vitamin C Help Your Body?

While vitamin C can’t completely stop or cure a cold, it’s a great defense because it helps strengthen the body’s immune system. That’s because vitamin C is required for metabolizing protein, which helps charge up the immune response by powering T-cells that battle germs and infection. 

Additionally, vitamin C is a key component for creating collagen, which helps heal wounds, and its presence promotes absorption of iron, among other benefits. A lack of vitamin C, however, causes fatigue and impairs the body’s ability to fight infection and repair itself. 

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin C? 

Despite the presence of vitamin C in many foods, it is still possible to not get enough of this wondrous dietary supplement that gets flushed from the body on a daily basis. 

The everyday scramble for what to eat often leaves essential fruits and veggies overlooked. Between fast food, fatty snacks and other junky delights, vitamin C has become too easy to pass over. That’s why ebb has made it easier than ever before to fortify your body while getting out of your head. 

Make Healthy Cannabis Edibles With ebb 

Vitamin C-loaded Orange Mango ebb is a great sidekick to a variety of beloved foods and drinks. Here are a few smart ways to add some ebb to your everyday wellness routine:

• Breakfast: Orange Mango Banana soy milk smoothie

• Lunch: Orange Mango-infused yogurt dressing for fruit salad

• Dinner: Orange Mango Lime seltzer

• Snacktime: Orange Mango sprinkled on sherbet  

• On-the-go: Orange Mango Vanilla protein shake

For more ideas on how to use ebb to empower your body and mind, visit our blog.


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