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Functional Foods Meet Cannabis Edibles: A Dissolvable THC Powder That Does More Than Get You Buzzed

Take Self-Care and Enjoyment to a Higher Level with an Added Boost of Immunity and Hydration

Extra has few different meanings these days. It’s still a good adjective to use when an unexpected perk comes along, like a free coffee for being a loyal customer or finding a random fry tucked into that to-go order. But “extra” also has become a snippy term for being pretentious or trying a little too hard.

Is that really supposed to be an insult, though? When it comes to saying, doing or making anything, going above and beyond is better than not trying hard enough.

And that’s how ebb is redefining the cannabis edible: By combining dissolvable THC with functional ingredients and go-anywhere convenience, the extra benefits go beyond just a buzz.


Ebb, a new dissolvable THC from Platinum Brands, the makers of TasteBudz infused gummies, is one of the first dissolvables to incorporate functional ingredients like vitamin C and electrolytes into the mix. So instead of just feeling the fast-acting, elating effects, consumers get an added health bonus in immunity and hydration.

What’s so special about functional ingredients? A whole range of body-boosting benefits come from functional ingredients when they’re consumed on a regular basis. They can help boost cognitive function, promote calm and sleep, reduce inflammation, ramp up energy levels, improve heart health, aid digestion and more.

The truth is most foods are considered functional in one way or another. According to Food and Drug Administration guidelines, minimally processed foods that are chock full of nutrients are “functional,” including fish, nuts, whole grains, beans and berries. Foods formulated with reduced fat or sodium also fall on this spectrum, while healthy eats with added botanical extracts, probiotics, antioxidants and more have become all the rage among health-conscious eaters.

Functional ingredients take ordinary foods a step further, enhancing them so they’re better for the body.

Of course, the idea of throwing in extra features or redoing a recipe to sell products is nothing new, but that doesn’t make them necessarily better—just recall Doritos’ attempt to make chips for women with less crunch and flavor stains.


Given that so many people have fluctuating diets that center around empty carbs (looking at you, orange tortilla chips), red meat and other calorie- and fat-laden fare, functional ingredients have been added to many foods to ensure that us junk food-loving humans get enough nutrients. Even most cannabis edibles have devolved into being sugary candies or beverages, but not ebb.

For all that ebb has going for it, it’s also gotten rid of a lot of things (including plastic packaging). It’s completely vegan, gluten-free, is made with coconut oil and sweetened with erythritol (which sounds like a scary word, but it’s actually one of the healthiest sugar alternatives that doesn’t raise blood sugar).

ebb comes in three naturally flavored varieties, plus a flavorless version, each with 10mg THC per serving in biodegradable paper packets that can be taken anywhere and dosed with no guesswork.

The best part is Orange Mango ebb has added vitamin C for a swell immunity boost that pairs well with an illuminating, mood-elevating high. Wildberry ebb comes with added electrolytes that are perfect for a refreshing post-workout recovery drink or a relaxing self-care sesh, without bloating the beltline like protein bars or Gatorade. Yep, ebb is also 100 percent calorie-free.


ebb uses a unique nano-emulsification process to incorporate thousands of super-small droplets of concentrated cannabis oil into a water-soluble, dissolvable THC powder. The nano-emulsification process is the key to what makes ebb fast-acting—it is absorbed by the body quickly, with effects coming on in about 15 minutes, instead of a good hour or more with a traditional edible.

In an ideal world, all products would strive to do more for consumers and every edible could be extra without going over the top. But at least ebb is changing the game. The next time you want to give your immune system a boost before a flight or need a recovery tonic after a long run, reach for ebb and get your body right with some truly helpful, extra benefits.

Check out these creative ways to enjoy ebb.

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