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How Quickly Does Dissolvable THC Powder Start Working?

Nanoemulsion Technology Puts ebb at the Forefront of Fast-Acting THC Edibles

With thoughts of Elon Musk’s new space race and self-driving cars, it’s easy to get lost in a blurry vision of the future because it’s gonna move fast—real fast.

Technology and automation have already made things zippier than ever before. From Amazon’s looming wave of delivery drones to face-melting 5G connectivity, society is sprinting toward immediate gratification, and maybe that’s the way it should be. Well, at least when it comes to the one thing that helps slow everything down to a more mellow, manageable pace: good ol’ THC.


With ebb, a new dissolvable THC from the makers of TasteBudz infused gummies, the next evolution of edibles is here. ebb uses an advanced nano-emulsification process to turn solventless cannabis oil sourced from organically grown plants into a water-soluble powder that delivers fast-acting cannabinoids through distillate oil, which encapsulates fully with fats and lipids in the body.

With three different fruit flavors, ebb can be mixed into water, frozen in ice cubes or blended into a delicious mocktail. There’s also a flavorless version, ebb “Pure,” that’s down for anything—from iced coffee to guacamole.

Whichever variety you choose, ebb gets to work, fast.


Most edibles take a long time to kick in. Compared to smoking cannabis—which hits the lungs, then the bloodstream on a fast track to the brain—THC consumed orally in a traditional edible takes a more leisurely route. It goes through customs in the stomach, takes a slow boat to the liver, then hops trains to reach the entire body via the bloodstream. This means it takes longer to have an effect, but the feeling also can last much longer.

Research shows that smoking cannabis can take roughly 10 minutes for onset and peaks in about 30 minutes, while standard edibles can take closer to an hour or more to kick in and the duration can be unpredictable. But given ebb’s specific nano-emulsification process, this special THC powder gets absorbed by the body faster.


What makes ebb so effective is how it’s made. Through nano-emulsification, fat-soluble THC oil is resized into extremely tiny droplet particles to ensure that the naturally oily cannabinoids not only mix with water, but have enhanced absorption.

Consuming cannabis in any form has different results for everyone, but nano-emulsification means ebb can offer consistent effects in an exact dose of 10mg THC. This means no more guesswork.

Where other edibles can come on too slow or be unexpectedly potent, ebb kicks in within minutes, not hours. No more waiting around. No more over-consumption. ebb is all about reliability.


So, yeah, dissolvable THC works faster and is great for consistent results, but is it really that special? That depends on what else it has to offer.

ebb’s dissolvable THC powder trades gluten, sugar, animal products and excessive calories for functional ingredients like vitamin C and electrolytes to provide added benefits. And every package and serving packet comes in a sustainable, compostable package to boot.

Orange Mango ebb has a boost of Vitamin C for immunity protection, while Wildberry ebb has electrolytes to help restore hydration amid a busy day.


Whether we can keep up or not, the future is flying forward. Meanwhile, taking a dab, drag, or bong rip isn’t the ideal way to maintain momentum and can be harsh on the lungs.

That’s why ebb is changing the game as an on-the-go, eco-friendly, body-boosting powder of possibility.

Learn more about ebb and dissolvable THC in our blog.

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