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How to Make Your Own Cannabis-Infused Edibles with Dissolvable THC

Here’s how to make your own cannabis-infused edibles the easy way. With ebb dissolvable THC powder you can whip up a variety of tasty infused treats.

Now that the world has largely reopened, spending time in the kitchen actually sounds fun again.

During the long, dark months of the pandemic, those endless nights of cooking at home turned into ordering way too much takeout. In between, there were frequent stops to the dispensary to ease the stress and boredom. Now comes a chance to rebalance, try new things and get back to the DIY ways of making something tasty, including THC-infused treats.

Doing so doesn’t have to be challenging or time-consuming. Here’s how to make your own cannabis-infused edibles the easy way, with ebb.

What Is ebb All About?

We’ve probably all had an experience with homemade edibles that wasn’t so great, whether making them or consuming them. Not only is there a lengthy infusion process to deal with, there are often unpredictable results when it comes to potency. 

That’s a thing of the past with ebb, an all-natural, water-soluble, dissolvable THC powder. Each low-sugar, low-calorie, entirely vegan packet offers a measurable 10mg dose of elating effects.

With Pink Lemonade, Wildberry, Orange Mango and a flavorless Pure option, each packet can be mixed into a variety of favorite foods and drinks, from dips to seltzers to, believe it or not, the easiest cannabutter you’ve ever cooked with. This makes it the perfect element for creating your own awesome edibles. 

Super Easy Edibles: No Decarboxylation Required

Making homemade cannabutter can be challenging to get right—and can ruin some precious flower if you’re not careful. This is because cannabutter requires cannabis flower to be “decarboxylated,” or heated up slowly at a low temperature to essentially roast the flower and activate its THC. 

ebb’s flavorless “Pure” option is already infused with THC and won’t change the taste of other foods, so making precision-dosed cannabutter is as simple as mixing the desired amount of this magical powder into premium vegan or dairy butter. 

How to Make Your Own Cannabis Edibles

Like any good recipe, making edibles at home starts with the right ingredients. For baked goods, you can take your ebb-loaded cannabutter and follow the same steps as any other recipe. Add it to batters for brownies or cookies, pie crusts, frosting and more.

The same concept applies to candies. Good ol’ sugar and water are a must, but by mixing any flavor of ebb into this simple syrup, you can whip up a variety of delicious confections in no time. Simply heat up the sweet syrup, add flavors and coloring, then add it to molds for suckers or hard candy pieces. 

As you consider different recipes, just keep in mind that extremely high temperatures (above 350 degrees fahrenheit) can degrade THC. For those instances, you could sprinkle ebb on the finished product. 

Must-Try Ideas for Edibles 

Try hopping into the kitchen and following these scrumptious edible recipes using ebb Pure-infused cannabutter:

Rad pot brownies (via

Groovy chocolate chip cookies (via

Sweet space cake (via

You can also try mixing in other ebb flavors into candies and ice cream: 

Wildberry ebb cannabis smoothie (via

Yummy Pink Lemonade ebb cannacandies (via

Orange Mango ebb weed lollies (via

A Sweeter Option for Homemade Edibles

Instead of using extra corn syrup or artificial sweeteners, ebb contains a tiny amount of erythritol, an all-natural sugar alcohol that is considered one of the healthier sugar substitutes available because it doesn’t raise blood sugar, just overall enjoyment. This makes the fruit-flavored ebb varieties even more useful in recipes that require a good amount of sweetness because you can reduce the amount of sugar called for to your own taste preference. 

Take Back the Kitchen

Having a good time with THC-infused edibles doesn’t just have to involve unwrapping a pre-made product. Create your own joy and accomplishment by making your own edibles, just the way you like them. Now that you know just how easy it is to use ebb, it’s time to go on an ebb-fueled edible adventure in the kitchen! 

Thirsty? Try these recipes for THC-infused beverages with ebb

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