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The Perfect Keto- and Vegan-Friendly Edible Does Exist

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

ebb dissolvable THC turns any favorite food or beverage into an edible for consumers with special dietary needs

If you’re on a special diet, it’s nice to have options.

Over the past few decades, it’s become more and more normal for restaurants and grocery stores to accommodate special dietary requirements. From steering clear of gluten, to cutting out animal products, to reducing carbs, most menus and store shelves have an increasing number of choices for someone who’s sticking with a particular meal plan. But is it really enough? 

A dispensary’s cannabis edibles section often feels off-limits—it seems like everything’s full of sugar or carbs or other ingredients you’re looking to avoid. 

Fortunately, there’s a new low-carb, Keto- and vegan-friendly edible. With ebb, cannabis-infused edible lovers have a trusted companion in recreational enjoyment and self-care that won’t break dietary rules! 

What Makes ebb Keto- and Vegan-Friendly?

ebb is a new type of edible from the maker of TasteBudz gummies. Just like TasteBudz, ebb uses natural THC oil, and conveniently, this fast-acting dissolvable powder can be mixed into just about anything

With 10mg THC per packet, ebb is perfect for a discreet, on-the-go, measured dose of low-calorie, low-carb, gluten-free, totally vegan delight. And with a flavorless Pure option and some tasty fruit flavors that feature functional ingredients, ebb is truly redefining what an edible can be.

A Low-Sugar, Gluten-Free, Vegan Edible Does Exist

The hard truth is, most edibles are basically sugary or fat-laden candy. Not just because manufacturers want them to taste good, but because the easiest way to make edibles is to mimic the candy production process and add THC in the form of infused cannabutter or oil. This means your average edible may come not only with a swell of euphoria, but a load of belt-busting carbs and calories. 

ebb stays low-carb and low-sugar by using just a touch of one of the healthiest sugar alcohols around, erythritol, plus stevia root to keep things sweet, without boosting blood sugar.

Because most edibles follow the typical candy-making process, many infused chocolates and caramels also include wheat, dairy and egg ingredients. ebb stays gluten-free and vegan by trading wheat and animal products for a simple dissolvable THC powder that can be mixed into favorite foods and drinks, or used to create a far healthier dessert alternative that has equally amazing, fast-acting effects. 

How Does Dissolvable THC Work, Exactly? 

Even without any unwanted ingredients, typical edibles can be unpredictable and take a long time to kick in. Body weight, metabolism and speed of digestion all factor in, but ebb uses nanoemulsion to deliver THC much more efficiently and consistently. 

Nanoemulsion is a pharmaceutical process that, in the case of ebb, turns cannabis extract into microscopic droplets of encapsulated THC. The process increases THC bioavailability, meaning that the tiny droplets of THC can be absorbed by the body much faster so there’s no more unreliable dosing due to a slower onset. 

ebb also has functional ingredients for extra support for active lifestyles. Diets have brought with them an increased focus on improving the nutritional value of foods through the use of functional ingredients. These added nutrients range from vitamins and minerals to botanical extracts, probiotics and antioxidants. When it comes to ebb, Orange Mango has a blast of Vitamin C for an immunity boost and Wildberry adds electrolytes for extra hydration. 

Try ebb in Ways That Fit Your Edible Diet

With so many different foods to consider and potentially avoid, ebb is for anyone who wants to stick with a strict diet while still enlightening their cannabinoid system, whenever and wherever they want. 

Low-carb Keto fans, vegans and the gluten-free cannabis enthusiast can rejoice with a variety of delicious dishes that are actually OK to consume:

• Blend up a vegan soy smoothie featuring fresh fruit and ebb Orange Mango

• Make a gluten-free berry parfait with greek yogurt, fresh fruit and ebb Wildberry

• Spice things up with low-carb mango salsa and sprinkles of ebb Pure

When it comes to health, don’t break your diet just for a little fun. It’s time to take ebb and your edible diet to the next level.

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