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New to Infused Edibles? Here’s Why Fast-Acting Dissolvable THC is a Perfect Place to Start

Fast-acting dissolvable THC eliminates a major pain point for edibles beginners.

It’s a familiar story. Someone who’s new to cannabis edibles—let’s call her Jackie—decides to spice things up one day. She heads to a cannabis dispensary to buy an edible product; infused gummies, perhaps. She heads back home, turns on Netflix, orders some takeout, and tops it all off with an infused treat for dessert.

“These tiny gummies can’t be that strong,” Jackie thinks, unwrapping the infused desert, and popping one into her mouth.

Half an hour passes. She doesn’t feel anything. So she eats another one, and then another. By the time Jackie starts to feel the onset of effects, an hour or so later, she’s consumed way more than she should have. In short order, she feels overwhelmingly high, and proceeds to spend the next few hours freaking out due to overconsumption.

It’s not that edibles are inherently problematic, of course. It’s just that the delayed onset typical of most edibles can easily create problems for consumers who are new to the edibles space or who don’t know their ideal dosage.

That’s why fast-acting dissolvable THC powder is ideal for beginners. Don’t get us wrong—consumers of all experience levels enjoy THC powder. But it’s especially well suited for anyone who wants to dip their toe into the edibles pool without falling head-first into the deep end, sans floaties.

ebb’s water-soluble THC packets are also great for those of us who prefer an elevated experience without added risk to our lungs.

Understanding the Science That Powers ebb Dissolvable THC

Ideal for any cannabis connoisseur interested in introducing infused edibles to their repertoire, our dissolvable THC is absorbed by the body more quickly than traditional edibles are. As described earlier, standard edibles can take hours to kick in, making it all too easy for the impatient among us to pop a few too many gummies, thinking we’ll get high faster.

Take it easy, friends.

The fast-acting properties of ebb’s dissolvable THC make it much easier to avoid that “uncomfortably high” feeling. Plus, you can still switch up and enhance your wellness routine. Cannabis should never feel boring. If and when it does, we got you.

Add some sass to your seltzer with THC-infused ice cubes, or spice up your smoothie routine with our dissolvable THC. We know you’re bored with the cocktail recipes you’ve been using all quarantine. Same!

Here’s the science behind the magic:

  • ebb’s water-soluble—aka dissolvable—THC is created using nano-emulsion technology. Think of our powder as taking a flight instead of going on a road trip—you’ll get where you want to be sooner and the ride along the way may feel a bit less bumpy.

  • Cannabinoids, the compounds that create the effects we know and love, just want to party once nano-emulsion is introduced. Oh, hey, THC! These “boosted” cannabinoids gently encourage our bodies to absorb the powder more rapidly.

  • The cannabinoid nano emulsification process breaks down concentrated oil droplets into very tiny, water-dissolvable particles, thus increasing the cannabinoids’ bioavailability—a fancy term for the ability of a cannabinoid to be absorbed by the body and produce effects.

  • Nanotechnology makes it possible for edible cannabinoids to be absorbed more quickly, and in more places (like in your mouth), producing effects that kick in within a matter of minutes, not hours.

Complete with vitamin C and electrolytes, our modern take on the infused edible is low in sugar, free of gluten and GMOs, and will only set you back about 10 calories. The fast-acting dissolvable THC is also packaged to reflect our passion for sustainability and protecting the planet.

So what are you waiting for? There’s never been a better time to explore dissolvable THC. We invite you to explore with ebb.

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