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Three Ways to Enhance Your Golf Game With ebb Fast-Acting, Dissolvable THC

A day out on the links is a wonderful thing.

Every course is different and each hole presents a unique challenge and sensory experience: The lush grass underfoot, the beautiful sound when the club hits the ball just right, the way the white orb arcs through the air and the joy of a well-executed precision putt are just a few of the things that have made the sport so revered for centuries.

Could cannabis make it even better? Absolutely.

If you’ve wondered if cannabis can help your golf game, you’re definitely not alone. Many members of the PGA Tour are no strangers to cannabis; a recent poll by found that nearly one in five PGA players said they used cannabis within the past year.

Adding a few individual packets of ebb’s fast-acting dissolvable THC to your golf bag so you always have some on hand can increase the fun and enhance your game.

The Allure of Fast-Acting Dissolvable THC

How does ebb work so quickly? The key is nano-emulsion technology.

Our process creates super-small droplets of concentrated cannabis oil that are encapsulated in the form of water-soluble THC powder. Once in powder form, those tiny droplets of cannabis oil are quickly absorbed by the body.

When you combine a packet of ebb dissolvable THC powder with any food or drink, you get a precise 10mg dose of fast-acting THC. The powder is rapidly welcomed into the body because it does not rely solely on the digestive system to be metabolized.

Why Is Cannabis Good for Golf?

Not everyone is comfortable smoking flower or vaping concentrates on the golf course. And dealing with the often unpredictable strength and slow onset of traditional edibles can be risky. ebb is different: When added to a drink or snack, the rapid onset, low-sugar, low-calorie dissolvable THC powder provides a reliable, consistent experience.

ebb also contains functional ingredients like vitamins and electrolytes that provide additional support to several systems in the body. With its convenient packaging and ease of use, there is no better way to prep for a few hours on the links.

Here are three ways that eco-friendly ebb can enhance your round:

1) Decreased Muscle Tension

We’ve all been there. The pressure is on to hit that killer shot, but the others in your foursome are watching you intently, the group behind you wants to play through and suddenly every bird nearby seems intent on creating a cacophony of noise.

Those who regularly consume cannabis know that THC can provide an increased state of mental relaxation and ease muscle tension.That enhanced serenity can help block out all of the stress that comes with stepping up to the tee when all eyes are on you.

Keeping your cool is helpful when attempting to sink that 20-foot putt; a relaxed state of mind can improve your accuracy.

2) Let Go of What’s Holding You Back

Coupled with the ability of cannabis to prompt feelings of mental balance and calm is a greater willingness to throw caution to the wind and just go for it. Now is the perfect time to crush a perfect drive into the fairway and reach the green quicker than ever before.

Just relax, focus and put some power into that swing.

3) Pain Relief and Recovery

The vitamin C in our Orange Mango ebb helps the immune system stay strong and the body to absorb much-needed iron, and our Wildberry ebb has added electrolytes that assist the body with post-exercise rehydration and recalibration. Still a little sore from last weekend? The addition of ebb fast-acting THC-infused powder can help those aches and pains from previous rounds fade away.

The next time you’re heading out for a round of golf, leave the flower and vapes at home, enjoy the ease and simplicity of dissolvable THC from water-soluble ebb and let your game take off.

Learn more about all of the ways to enjoy ebb here.

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