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What to Look for in Health-Conscious Cannabis Edibles and Infused Drinks

Looking for low-sugar cannabis edibles? With ebb dissolvable THC, you can boost your cannabis wellness quotient

We all want to treat our bodies right, but in a world with so many junky delights, trying to keep things healthy can feel like the ultimate chore.

Between all those workouts and diets we try to stick to each week, the easiest path to health is seeking out products that are actually good for you. And with ebb, a new dissolvable THC from Platinum Brands, the makers of TasteBudz infused gummies, there’s finally a health-conscious cannabis edible that you don’t have to feel guilty about loving on.

What Makes ebb a Health-Conscious Cannabis Edible?

ebb’s philosophy is to use the best, all-natural ingredients to create a versatile, dissolvable THC powder that’s ideal for an active lifestyle. It’s a welcome departure from all the super sugary edibles out there that simply act as candied THC delivery devices.

With three natural fruit flavors and a flavorless Pure option, each packet of ebb contains a precise 10mg dose of THC and it’s low-calorie, gluten free and completely vegan. And with added functional ingredients, ebb is truly redefining what an edible can be.

Boosting Cannabis Wellness With Functional Ingredients

Over the past several decades, manufacturers have been adding functional ingredients to more and more foods, and for good reason. From vitamins and minerals, to botanical extracts, to probiotics and antioxidants, these positive additions help make the foods we eat more nutrient rich and well-rounded. It’s why ebb includes functional ingredients like vitamin C and electrolytes in its special powder to give your body a healthful boost alongside elating cannabis effects.

Functionality Meets Low-Cal Cannabis Edible Deliciousness

ebb has found the perfect balance between these functional ingredients, cannabinoids and delightful fruit blends. ebb Orange Mango is chock full of vitamin C for a smooth, tongue-pleasing immunity boost, while ebb Wildberry is loaded with electrolytes for a tasty pre- or post-workout hydration kick.

Now your water bottle or protein shake can have a cannabinoid complement that brings the natural benefits of awakening your body’s endocannabinoid system as well. And the versatility of ebb means you can get creative in making your own healthy cannabis edibles.

Tasting So Sweet Doesn’t Mean More Sugar or Calories

For anyone paying attention to their health, “less sugar” and “low-cal” sound like overused claims that don’t mean much. But the beauty of ebb is that it doesn’t sacrifice health for buzzwords. Instead of corn syrup or artificial sweeteners, ebb uses a bit of natural sugar, plus a sugar alcohol called erythritol and stevia, which are considered two of the healthiest sugar substitutes because they don’t raise blood sugar, just overall enjoyment.

Mix It Up Without Messing Up Your Diet

Whether you’re winding down the day, getting ready for a workout or crossing a finish line, ebb is the perfect on-the-go sidekick for any activity. ebb’s fruit-forward flavors (including Pink Lemonade) are right at home sprinkled into seltzers, cocktails or mocktails for a perfect refreshment. And flavorless ebb Pure can be mixed with any healthy food or beverage so there’s no worry about disrupting those fitness goals.

Here are some fresh ideas on how to mix it up with ebb to amplify your self-care routine:

  • A morning pre-workout smoothie featuring ebb Orange Mango

  • An afternoon salad featuring ebb Pure-infused dressing

  • A post-workout protein shake featuring ebb Wildberry

  • An evening pick-me-up spritzer featuring ebb Pink Lemonade

  • Dinnertime dips featuring ebb Pure-infused guac or hummus

Listen: There’s no denying that junky delights are awesome in their own right. Candies, chips and ice cream make life a little sweeter. But a healthy life is all about finding the right balance. With so many smart ways to enjoy this unique edible, it’s time to see where you can go with ebb.

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