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Why Dissolvable THC is the New Go-To Edible for Busy Parents

As a parent, wouldn’t you like to be chilled out all the time? It sounds nice, but between juggling work, school, after-school activities, meals, errands, weekend plans and, say, sleep, it’s hardly possible to maintain a solid self-care routine. That changes with ebb.


ebb dissolvable THC redefines the idea of what a cannabis edible can be.

Perhaps you’re looking for an alcohol-free way to shake off the stress of the day? While a wind-down glass of wine with dinner is nice, waking up a bit bleary and dragging isn’t so good when it’s time to get the family going. So instead of making a reservation with yourself the next time you want to have a little relaxation sesh, consider what precision-dose cannabis and functional ingredients can do for you. 


Functional ingredients do more for your body. From minerals and botanical extracts, to probiotics and antioxidants, these extra nutrients can help boost cognitive function, promote calm, increase energy, induce sleep and more. 

The use of these special ingredients started in the land of other-worldly foods: Japan. In the 1980s, the Japanese government began researching and analyzing the health effects of certain food components. Today, functional ingredients are widely used across the world.

ebb’s line of dissolvable THC, with three delicious fruit-flavored varieties that are perfect for making a refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail, along with a flavorless option, combine useful functional ingredients with cannabis. For example, Orange Mango ebb is packed with Vitamin C for extra immunity protection and a sunny mood lift, while Wildberry ebb has electrolytes to restore hydration after a long day or an intense workout. 

What’s not in ebb is just as important as what is: Every packet is gluten free, low-sugar, vegan and just 10 calories—while also including a useful sidekick to complement the beneficial wellness properties of THC that support the body’s endocannabinoid system. Now that’s different. 


Another benefit of dissolvable THC is a lot less guesswork. ebb uses a specific nano-emulsification process to turn solventless cannabis oil that’s sourced from organically grown plants into a water-soluble form with a fast-acting cannabinoid release. 

Where other edibles come on too slow, too strong or are too unpredictable in general ebb’s dissolvable THC kicks in within minutes, not hours. 

At 10 mg THC per packet,  ebb is all about control and precision. Want a mild pick-me-up? Just take one. Something a bit stronger? Try two.

The best part? ebb is super discreet. Pour some Pink Lemonade ebb into a glass of water or mix the flavorless “Pure” version into your favorite foods or drinks and enjoy with the kids never being the wiser. 

ebb is there when you want it. You can even put it right on your tongue, like a pixie stick for grownups.

Inspired by the ebb and flow of the ocean, ebb is here to help moms and dads fluidly maneuver the highs and lows of family life and the joys and stresses that come with being a parent. 

To pay homage to its earthly name and benefit future generations, ebb comes in sustainable packaging that’s environmentally friendly and recyclable.  


There are statistics blasted all over the internet detailing how parents are using hard substances to cope with the stresses of parenting. Misuse of alcohol or other drugs, especially prescription ones, has become all too common in households across the United States. 

We all have a glimpse of what parenthood is now and we all have opinions about what makes a good or bad parent. But you can’t really know what it’s like to be a parent until you are one. 

Amid the groundswell of legalization and as scientific understanding of the beneficial properties of cannabis grows, the stigma of “being high” while being a parent is quickly dissolving. Changing the conversation around a parent’s responsible cannabis use is a most welcome development, especially for parents who are medical cannabis patients. With all the winking nods to “mommy’s grape juice,” there should be other socially acceptable options for parents to ease their stress, right?  


For parents that need a helping hand, ebb is here. While it’s not a cure-all that can turn a teen’s backtalk into fun banter or a soundtrack of whining into a symphony, it will ensure that your self-care doesn’t have to come second. Now that’s something for parents to rejoice about. 

Find ebb at a dispensary near you.

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